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The Compound Effect Widget

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(last updated 19/5/2021)


As the name suggest, a flexible widget that determines the opportunity cost of any (un)necessarily spend as well as the compound effect of any investments. For example, you can use it to see how much that weekly 2 x smash avo + 2 x coffee or monthly netflix subscription is costing you after x period and ascertain once for all if it's stopping from that elusive housing deposit (pre-set as Scenario 1).


It can also be used to determine how much you will have if you say left $2k invested in an ETF and came back 20 years later without adding to it (pre-set as Scenario 2).


You can also see the snowball effect that it would have if you did add to it regularly (pre-set as Scenario 3). The more advanced schedule allows you to see the effect of irregular additional payments.

This is not a calculator to make you feel bad about all expenses.

Now to help you get the most out of this widget. You will be able to enter your details (yellow cells) which will then show a simple and a flexible schedule in tabs 2 and 3. The flexible schedule allows you to vary the additional contributions at n periods x no. of years to test any non-regular and consistent amounts.

Initial Investment - This is the amount that you initially outlayed to invest or to spend.

Annual Interest Rate - This is the return you would be making on your investment (inclusive of inflation) or would had made had you invested.

Compounding Periods Per Year - The number of periods the investment/expense is compounded per year.

Year - Number of years of investment/spending on a specific subscription/regular expense/etc.

Additional Contributions - How much you are spending/investing per period.

Additional Contribution Type - When you are making your contribution, at the start (1) or end of the period (0).

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